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The Victoria University (VU) Feb, 2020 (Semester 1, 2020 Commencement)

In the Victoria University scholarship, an applicant will receive A$750 per semester and up to A$3,000 towards the total tuition fees. For undergraduate the scholarship will be A$3,000 for the first two study periods and up to A$12,000 towards the total tuition fees. For postgraduate students A$3,000 will be provided for the first two study periods and up to A$6,000 towards tuition fees.

The Victoria University or VU is a public university situated in Melbourne Australia. As an institution providing courses such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE), Victoria University concentrates on research that is relevant to the community, industry and government – both nationally and internationally. The University is ranked in 301-350 in the list of best universities of the world.

To apply, no application is required, students are automatically assessed after submitting their application for an eligible qualification.

For VET applicants, eligibility is from countries such as: Malaysia, Vietnam and China. For Undergraduate applicants the eligibility is from: Mauritius, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and China. Postgraduate applicants from: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Mauritius, Vietnam, the Philippines and China. And also, international applicants applying to VU from within Australia may be eligible for the above scholarships.

Students must enroll in the full course duration to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Students who have received advanced standing/credit transfer into the VU qualification are ineligible, unless they are transferring from a VU course into another VU course. Students who have received a scholarship or sponsorship from another organisation are ineligible for these scholarships. For students enrolled in a course delivered in trimesters, subsequent scholarship payments will only be made following successful completion of every 48 credit points.

Please remember that eligibility will be determined by a student’s academic results. So, hurry up and grab this opportunity to go to your dream university!!!

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