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Problems you might face during studying abroad

The majority of people choose to study abroad and pursue their careers. And those who have never been by themselves could perhaps get in trouble when they suddenly choose to shift in a new country. The problem, however, does not hit every individual but it is rather common to be attacked. So, here is a list of problems one might face during the period of studying far away from home.


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The feeling of depression and anxiety is most commonly felt by people who travel to a new destination. Whilst few people tend to enjoy the new environment and people, others can feel terrible to stay away from home making them homesick. As the normal routine changes, one can feel missing their home way too much and trying to contact their family and friends over calls and social media.

Language barriers

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Another reason why students feel troubled about studying in a foreign country is due to the language barrier. Even speaking English can be an issue for most of the people due to various reasons like the culture and the accent. The language barrier can lead to a lack of communication which can be a bit intimidating but patience and exploring more about it can definitely reduce the damage.


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The culture of food differs from place to place so, it is not a big deal to say that it differs among the country. An individual being used to of certain pattern of food can be a bit frustrated by the change in the food during studying in different countries. However, the frustration tends to reduce usually after a few months as they get used to the new pattern and taste. 

Hangout groups

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As you suddenly shift into a new country, perhaps finding a new group to hangout will create an issue. One will depend upon themselves and be all alone in the new country. In these scenarios getting involved in a group quickly can be hard to acquire. However, after getting involved with classmates and work colleagues, friendship could be better with people.

Time management

Being involved in a new lifestyle, there would be so much to take in. you will be handling basically all the tasks including classes, meetings of the club, part-time work and exploring the new environment. In between these actions, you might feel like having so much less time for yourself and not being able to manage the daily routine. Well, these kinds of feelings last for a certain time but create a lot of issues during the initial phase.

Poor grades

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Being far from your home country makes people a bit ignorant about their studies. They tend to invest their time mostly in exploring the new environment they are in and forget that the first priority remains to study. This results in most of the people having poor grades and not being able to overcome it.

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