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5 things to know before applying to Australia


Australia is one of the most popular countries in terms of education and lifestyle. Lakhs and Lakhs of students from Nepal to to Australia every year to get better education. Are you also thinking about going? Here are a list of things you’ll have to know before applying.

It’s huge!

comparison of size of Australia with other countries
a comparison of Australia with other countries in terms of size

Australia’s 7.7 million square-kilometre land mass measures up to other continents – and completely dwarfs the United Kingdom and Europe. That means, Australia is actually in comparison larger than Europe! Yes, really. If you put a map of Australia over a map of Europe, it pretty much covers the whole thing. 

The weather differs

change of weathers in Australia
change of weather in Australia

People may think Australian weather is the same all over the country but that is not the case. When it’s summer in the south, it’s normally wet season in the north. Brisbane is generally blessed with quite a tropical climate, while Melbourne is known for having different weather in a single day. It even snows so much in some parts of the country that you can actually play snow based sports.

Cross the roads with care

Australian citizens jaywalking

You can’t just cross the road whenever you feel like it, if you do when you’re not supposed to, the penalty is a fine of AUD$70. Between 2014 and 2017, over 10,000 New South Wales pedestrians were fined for jaywalking (cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully). You must use a designated crossing point, such as a zebra or pelican crossing. If you can’t see one, walk until you do.

Free healthcare

medicare in australia
a description about medicare

Healthcare is free in Australia and is called Medicare, you can use it as long as you have permanent residency. There has also been a series agreements between Australia and a few other countries that lead to temporary visitors also having access to Medicare. Obviously permanent residents have to pay for it through taxes (2% of their income). However, ambulance rides aren’t free, so better have insurance for the ambulance!

The sun is hot hot hot

weather in Australia
heat waves in Australia

When the sun shines in Australia in summer, it really shines, temperatures in some areas can be absolutely scorching (sometimes over 40°C) and they’re expected to reach 50°C by 2040. Recent heat waves in Sydney have even melted roads. To protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays we need the ozone layer, but the ozone layer directly above Australia is unusually thin. This makes the Australian sun especially powerful. So make sure to stay hydrated and use lots of sunscreen!

I hope that after reading this article you have more knowledge on what to expect in Australia. Still thinking about applying? Visit XCEL Global to start the career of your dreams today!

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