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New Zealand is an amazing country with big cities. That means more variety in study abroad programs. Smaller cities are located centrally, so your weekends will be filled with tons of exciting adventures. All places have wonderful beaches and natural wonders, along with delicious food and incredible culture. From mountain peaks to traditional Maori dishes […]

The country of New Zealand is full of wonders and natural beauty. One of the gorgeous countries in the world holds a lot of history, culture, and attractions for us to experience. Some fun and interesting facts are mentioned in the list below that might amaze you and make you love the country even more. […]

New Zealand is packed with so much adventure and nature that it is impossible to do it all in one visit. However, if you are planning to stay in the country for quite a while, you might be able to grab the most out of it. From glaciers to beaches, whale-watching to wine tasting, and […]

Are you thinking about New Zealand for your study destination? The thought is quite valid as the country is home to 8 universities of the highest quality that has been delivering world-class degrees to students all around the world. With such high-quality education, another reason to stick to your decision clearly remains to be the […]

An infectious disease, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome has spread globally. Started from Wuhan, China in December 2019, the disease has now affected over a million people worldwide. The coronavirus pandemic was confirmed in Nepal when on 24 January the first case was filed. The virus is known to spread mainly […]

The majority of people choose to study abroad and pursue their careers. And those who have never been by themselves could perhaps get in trouble when they suddenly choose to shift in a new country. The problem, however, does not hit every individual but it is rather common to be attacked. So, here is a […]