Did you know that Australia, despite having a population of only 23 million, has the third largest amount of global students in the entire planet behind only the United Kingdom and the United States? It’s no surprise considering Australia has seven of the world’s top 100 colleges! With over 22,000 different courses spread over more than 1,200 institutions, Australia ranks #6 for its education system in the world since 2018 beating countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Why Australia?

Australia is known to be a fantastic location for settlement. But, did you know that Australia is also renowned for world-class education? The Australian education system has created researchers, designers, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, and humanitarians that have transformed the world. Australia has produced the finest of students from winning the Nobel Prize to the Oscars.

Their global achievements include the “black box” now on every airplane, the Earth hour initiative, and the invention of Wi-Fi. These are some of the top examples why students choose Australia for higher education.
Australia boasts in pride of all the students that have studied here and gone to change the world for the better. Australia is definitely your dream destination if you want quality education with prospects for a bright future.

Xcel Global Services has ties with the top universities in Australia and we assist you to find the best option for your further studies. Xcel Global Services is the best education consultancy in Nepal for Australia if you are planning to study and build your future in Australia. Consult with us today to find the best university for you in Australia to be a part of one of world’s best education systems.


Dreams Come True

I always dreamt of studying abroad but never understood the process and how to get started. But this dream has become a reality today, and all the credit goes to the entire XCEL Global Services team. XGS is the best place to go if you want to study abroad. Their services aren’t just limited to consulting and visa applications but they have constantly supported me with pre-departure and after arriving here. They helped me with accommodations and finding a good job. Thank you XGS for helping me achieve my dreams.

Sakriya, KTM
Xcel Global

Best Adviser

After searching for various consultancies for my IELTS, XGS helped me reach my goal of studying abroad. I am now studying in one of the most reputed universities in Australia and Xcel Global helped me with it from the very beginning. I am thankful to XGS and team for helping me find the best choice for me. The team here is experienced and provides you with the best advice.

Xcel Global

Best Counselling

I recommend Xcel Global Services to everyone who is trying to apply abroad for further studies. After finishing my Grade 12, I was looking for my options in abroad studies. Visiting Xcel Global was the best decision I made. They helped me ace my IELTS and assisted me with every required documentations and processing. The counselling team here helped me with understanding my prospects and choosing the right university.

Nami College


Xcel Global helped me figure out my career path and my best options for abroad studies while I was in a deep state of confusion. When I came in to Xcel Global Services, I was amazed by the excellent services provided by the team. With the first counselling session to my journey to Australia, Xcel Global has always been a reliable partner. They helped me get accommodated with the Australian society and education system. I am grateful for XGS in helping me for my abroad studies.

Shreya , KTM , Student
Xcel Global

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